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CT or CAT Scan – Computed Resection in Illinois

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A computed tomography scan, often referred to as a CT or CAT scan, is a modern medical imaging modality during which an x-ray transmitter pivots around the patient. A CAT scan can capture images of the inner part of the organs and differentiate overlapping structures precisely, generating cross-sectional images of all parts of the body. A CT scan is a very helpful diagnostic method that helps recognize many diverse conditions or diseases. It might be utilized to find anomalies within your body or help while in surgery. If you have digestive health issues and may be in need of a CT scan in Illinois, our team can help. Please reach out to GI Alliance of Illinois to request a consultation with one of our board-certified GI specialists.

A few of the major reasons a CT scan is taken are:

  • To track down bone and muscle disorders like bone fractures and tumors
  • To find internal hemorrhaging or internal injuries
  • To find an infection, a growth, or a blood clot
  • To assist with surgeries, radiation therapy, and biopsies
  • To oversee disease and afflictions including heart disease, liver masses, lung nodules, and cancer

To find out additional information about CT scans to help address or identify your gastrointestinal tract disorder, call GI Alliance of Illinois.

A radiologist oversees the CT scan. The radiologist might be aided by a radiology technician and maybe a radiology nurse. You may be asked to not eat or drink for a set number of hours prior to your CAT scan with our Chicago, IL, Peoria, IL, or Bloomington, IL, team. A contrast agent sometimes referred to as “dye,” might be given to highlight blood vessels or strengthen organ depictions. If a contrast substance is used, it will be injected into a vein, typically in your arm. Some or all of the contrast agent could be injected via a syringe, or all of it could run steadily into your vascular system from an intravenous (IV) bag. A record of contrast (such as iodine) allergy should be described to our staff prior to the CT scan. You will be asked to lie on a table that runs into a hollow ring in the middle of the CT scanning machine. X-rays run through the section of concern in your body and are detected by an array of mechanical sensors. You will be provided with respiration instructions, and then the table will run steadily through the CT scanner. The entire scan could be finished within minutes. You should experience absolutely no pain. Details from these sensors are then digitally-processed and presented as a picture on a video screen. Film copies of these images might be created for later examination.

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A CT scan is a very powerful procedure for helping to identify and treat assorted troubles of the GI tract. CT scans are minimally invasive and basically painless. When you need a CT scan or any separate imagery test to help manage or discern your GI condition, you can have faith in the specialists at GI Alliance of Illinois to give innovative care. If you have questions about CT scans in Illinois or any different matter, please talk to a GI specialist at your nearest GI Alliance of Illinois location.

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