Do I Need Hemorrhoid Banding?

Summary: Hemorrhoid banding is a nonsurgical process that blocks blood flow to a hemorrhoid, causing it to fall off. Discover more about this treatment option.

Countless people will experience hemorrhoids during their lifetime. Though the main cause of hemorrhoids might not be known, some factors associated with the condition are obesity, frequent constipation or diarrhea, recurrent straining while having a bowel movement, and pregnancy. Hemorrhoids, while highly uncomfortable, cause few serious complications and a number of treatment solutions are offered to address them. If you currently struggle with hemorrhoids, we invite you to seek professional hemorrhoid care at Hinsdale Gastroenterology Associates. Our local Hinsdale, IL gastroenterologists have advanced expertise in hemorrhoids and other digestive conditions. The team at Hinsdale Gastroenterology Associates can explain the various hemorrhoid removal procedures that may be available, including hemorrhoid banding. 

What are the signs and symptoms of hemorrhoids?

Hemorrhoids (also called piles) are swollen or bulging veins in the anal canal or in the rectum. Akin to varicose veins in the legs, hemorrhoids are generally uncomfortable, but most often harmless, and can be located internally or externally. Internal hemorrhoids, those within the rectum, typically cause no pain or discomfort, though they may bleed on occasion. External hemorrhoids, found beneath the skin surrounding the anal area, can result in greater pain. In cases where a blood clot occurs in an external hemorrhoid, it is called a thrombosed hemorrhoid and can be even more painful and uncomfortable. Common indications of hemorrhoids are: 

  • Bloody stools
  • Itching or discomfort in the anal region
  • Bleeding in the rectum

Who is a good candidate for hemorrhoid banding?

Additionally referred to as rubber band ligation for hemorrhoids, hemorrhoid banding at our Hinsdale, IL gastroenterology practice is a simple procedure where a small elastic band is positioned around the base of the hemorrhoid. This band cuts off the hemorrhoid’s blood supply and within about a week, the hemorrhoid typically shrivels and detaches. Patients who are candidates for this nonsurgical procedure have internal hemorrhoids that bleed or induce considerable discomfort and those who have been unable to diminish their pain with over-the- counter medicaments, alterations in lifestyle, or further remedies. Hemorrhoid banding might not be advised for people affected by rectal cancer, an allergy to latex, bleeding disorders, or inflammatory bowel disease. 

What is the hemorrhoid banding process?

The experienced physicians at Hinsdale Gastroenterology Associates commonly perform rubber band ligation for the treatment of hemorrhoids. The GI specialist places an anoscope into the anus and utilizes a device to secure the hemorrhoid in place while placing a small rubber band around its base. Typically, the procedure is only conducted for one hemorrhoid at a time unless the person is under general anesthesia. Refined techniques enable this hemorrhoid treatment to be relatively comfortable for patients even without having an anesthetic, but the majority of patients will notice a sense of fullness in the rectum for the first 24 hours after the procedure. When the hemorrhoid is banded, it typically takes only several days for it and the ligature to fall off. At times, people do not even notice when this occurs.

How effective is hemorrhoid banding treatment?

Hemorrhoid banding is deemed more successful than a number of other hemorrhoid treatment options. The nonsurgical procedure is significantly less invasive as opposed to surgery and only requires approximately ten minutes to conduct when performed by the GI doctors at Hinsdale Gastroenterology Associates. Approximately 80% of those who receive hemorrhoid banding will not require further procedures. Hemorrhoids addressed with rubber band ligation are considerably less likely to return. 

Find out more about hemorrhoid ligation in Hinsdale, IL

We understand that many people who have hemorrhoids feel embarrassed about getting medical assistance for the condition. Hemorrhoid banding is a nonsurgical and simple procedure that offers increased comfort and relief to patients in Hinsdale, IL. For further details surrounding rubber band ligation and other treatment options for hemorrhoids, contact Hinsdale Gastroenterology Associates to book an appointment with a GI specialist.