Find Out More About Gastroenterology Clinical Trials

Gastroenterology clinical research trials are carried out to help enhance the wellness of patients who are experiencing digestive problems.

Gastrointestinal (GI) clinical trials enable gastroenterology specialists to study the impacts of modern and new treatment approaches, ensuring they are effective and safe for citizens from various demographics. Taking part in these GI research studies could provide significant positive results to people who have not found success with available therapies or who are interested in helping to advance the scope of GI research. Illinois Gastroenterology Group is excited to serve as a leading source for new studies into gastrointestinal disorders and conditions, as such clinical research studies can help those afflicted with gastrointestinal concerns enjoy an improved quality of life now and in the future.

These distinguished processes are important for identifying how to successfully manage a variety of distressing gastrointestinal conditions, diseases, and cancers. If you would like to partake in advancing treatment options for yourself and other individuals dealing with gastrointestinal problems, then you could be a good candidate for clinical research studies. For help with finding a GI clinical trial in Chicago, IL, contact our team today.

What are clinical research trials?

After an experimental drug, medical device, or treatment has been put through testing in a lab and studied in animals to discern how successful and safe it might potentially be in human beings, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may authorize clinical studies on human subjects. Such clinical studies are conducted on a wide range of people in an effort to determine if the new treatment method can be allowed for public use. The GI clinical trials supported by Illinois Gastroenterology Group may possibly be measuring the outcomes of experimental, novel behavioral therapies, medications, diets, or medical devices. Clinical research studies allow health professionals to identify a treatment’s optimum dosage, possible side effects, and if the treatment is more advantageous than current treatments approved by the Food and Drug Administration and for general use.

Am I a candidate for a GI clinical research trial?

Those who are candidates for gastroenterology clinical trials may suffer from a treatment-resistant gastrointestinal disorder or condition. Being part of a gastroenterology research study allows these people to undergo brand-new treatment methods that are not yet offered to the general population. In certain cases, gastroenterology studies might need to include patient subjects who are healthy. Those who are healthy might elect to take part in clinical trials in an effort to help find methods to protect against or treat a medical disorder that might be hereditary. It is critical that clinical trials consist of people of all races, age groups, and sexes in order to obtain data that is applicable to a wide range of individuals.

How are GI clinical trials conducted?

To learn more about volunteering in GI clinical trials in Chicago, IL, the beginning step is to locate a gastroenterologist in your area. Our staff at Illinois Gastroenterology Group can help you set up a visit with one of our GI specialists. If a clinical trial is being performed, our team will review detailed information about the study and what the researchers are seeking in their participants. To see if you are eligible for the research trial, the study professionals will perform a thorough screening. If approved, you will most likely be required to sign a form providing your informed consent and be assessed at an introductory “baseline” consultation. During the progression of the study, you would need to return to the research location on a routine basis for evaluations or tests depending upon the information the trial is measuring. It is important to always discuss any concerns with the staff performing the research trial.

Want to learn more about GI clinical trials in Chicago, IL?

As an experienced, skilled team of GI specialists, Illinois Gastroenterology Group aims to provide patients with the latest in advanced GI research. People who have not experienced favorable results with conventional therapies, or for whom no present treatment protocols exist, might be an ideal candidate for a research study. If you or a member of your family has a digestive condition and want to discover more about undergoing new and groundbreaking options for care, contact Illinois Gastroenterology Group to locate a GI clinical research trial in Chicago, IL.