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An esophageal stricture is an abnormal tightening of the esophagus (the tube that connects the throat to the stomach). This tightening can totally block or limit food or liquid that’s traveling from the throat down to the stomach.

Esophageal strictures can be cancerous and the strictures can get worse quickly. They can also be benign (non-cancerous) and progress slowly. It is important that you request a consultation with our GI specialists in Chicago, IL, Peoria, IL, or Normal, IL, at GI Alliance of Illinois if you believe you are experiencing an esophageal stricture.

There are a few risk factors associated with esophageal strictures. The risk factors include alcohol use, cancer in the neck region, peptic ulcer disease, and gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). If you have a history of dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) you may also be at risk for esophageal stricture. For additional information on the risks, schedule a consultation with our GI experts at GI Alliance of Illinois.

There are multiple tests that are performed to confirm an esophageal stricture. This includes an x-ray with barium, an ultrasound, an esophageal manometry, and an endoscopy. After it’s confirmed, you can undergo an esophageal dilation.

During this procedure, a balloon or dilator gets inserted in the esophagus to widen the area. For more information on how this test is performed, request a consultation with our GI specialists at GI Alliance of Illinois.

When you feel a tightening in your throat, it is imperative that you get the assistance required before it develops into a serious issue. Request an appointment with our GI team at GI Alliance of Illinois so we can pinpoint the problem, and provide proper treatment.

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Dr.Gluskin was caring and took the time to answer my questions.The wait time was not long at all.

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I just want to say Thank you to everyone who took care of me. I am terrified of needles and always have really bad anxiety when I have to do anything with needles and especially with putting anesthetic in. The nurse did so good, from the first time and the IV was in (in a vain that has never worked before). Also they made sure I knew I was in good hands and I really was. The colonoscopies upper and lower was really quick, I was done in less than an hr. Thank you guys again, it really means a lot to me for what all of you did!

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