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The LiverMultiScan is a contrast-free, noninvasive assessment that is leading the way in GI health. The LiverMultiScan takes measurements of your liver through a quick MRI scan where it is able to determine vital information that our GI specialists at GI Alliance of Illinois can use to determine the best ways to assist you in maintaining healthy liver function. Here are a few of the ways that the LiverMultiScan will measure the health of your liver and what it will include in its reports for your provider:

  • fat levels
  • iron levels
  • inflammation
  • scarring (fibrosis)

The LiverMultiScan in Chicago, IL, Peoria, IL, or Normal, IL, will provide your GI specialist with these measurements, along with a series of images of your liver, so they can have the most well-rounded picture of your current health needs and provide you with the best care possible.

At GI Alliance of Illinois, your comfort matters to us. Before the start of your scan, a trained MRI technologist will review with you exactly what you can expect during your LiverMultiScan. The technologist will help position you correctly on the scanning bed and provide you with a coil. A coil is a plastic belt that will be placed around your abdomen during the scan. They will also provide you with headphones so that you may communicate with the MRI technologist while the scan is taking place and a button in case you need to stop the scan prior to it being completed. The LiverMultiScan can be quite loud and the headphones will also help reduce the sounds you will hear while it captures the images it needs.

Once you feel comfortable and ready for the scan to begin, the MRI Technologist will position the bed in the center of the scanner and the LiverMultiScan will begin. Through the headphones, you will be given some instructions on things to do while your liver is being scanned. Some of these might include: lying still, breathing in and out, and holding your breath.

The GI specialists at GI Alliance of Illinois can use the LiverMultiScan to get a more complete picture of your liver tissue health by looking at the measurements of the fibro-inflammation, iron, and fat found in your liver tissue. The LiverMultiScan can assist our providers in making the most informed decisions about your GI health by providing additional imaging through this amazing noninvasive, state-of-the-art technology. If you have questions regarding the LiverMultiScan, please contact GI Alliance of Illinois today to request a consultation at your nearest Chicago location.

If you suffer from a liver or GI condition, it is important to make the most informed decisions you can regarding your health. The LiverMultiScan is a great way to gather valuable insight into the health of your liver and the experts at GI Alliance of Illinois use this innovative procedure to ensure you get the best possible treatment available. To learn more about the LiverMultiScan and other procedures available for treating GI conditions, request a consultation with an Illinois location near you.



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