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Difficulty swallowing occurs when there is a problem passing drinks and food from the mouth, throat, and esophagus before moving to the stomach. Swallowing trouble may be indicative of other medical problems. These can range from esophageal contractions to allergic food reactions. It is vital to find the cause of the problem in order for appropriate therapy to be provided. To learn more about the treatment options we provide for difficulty swallowing in Illinois, contact the gastroenterological providers at GI Alliance of Illinois to book an appointment.

The reasons for dysphagia could include more than one singular cause. If you experience difficulty swallowing, you may have undetected medical problems, an allergic reaction, or swelling in your esophagus. Below are a few reasons that difficulty passing food through your esophagus might be present:

  • Esophageal spasms
  • Esophageal rings (folds of tissue that block the inner esophagus)
  • Scars from acid reflux
  • Foreign objects in the esophagus or throat
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Nervous system conditions
  • Achalasia, which occurs if the muscle that lets food into the stomach doesn't relax at the right time

Swallowing trouble can affect people of all ages, although it is more often found in older patients. If you want to hear more about the therapies that are accessible to you, request an appointment with the gastroenterological providers in Chicago, IL at GI Alliance of Illinois.

Problems swallowing might indicate a number of conditions. When you experience difficulty swallowing, it is vital to get treatment quickly to ensure that you can breathe and eat normally. A few of the primary symptoms of swallowing trouble include things such as:

  • Pain in the esophagus when swallowing
  • A strained or raspy voice
  • A sensation of food lodged in the throat
  • Food coming back up into your throat
  • Shortness of breath
  • Repeated heartburn
  • Not having the ability to swallow

Schedule a visit with gastroenterological providers in one of our 22 locations in the event that you have any combination of the above problems regularly. You should visit your GI doctor at GI Alliance of Illinois in the event that losing weight or vomiting occurs with your swallowing difficulties.

The treatment for difficulty swallowing starts with identifying the reason for the difficulty. If the reason turns out to be an allergic reaction to food, the proper steps will be taken to diminish inflammation. In the event of swelling of the esophageal lining, your specialist will narrow down the reason and establish if it's related to a bacterial or viral infection (irritation and swelling in the esophagus), or injury related to acid reflux. If you have muscle contractions in the throat, our GI specialists in Illinois may advise taking muscle relaxers or surgery. Let the gastroenterological providers at GI Alliance of Illinois work with you to rehabilitate your proficiency to swallow.

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In the event that you've experienced problems with swallowing and are looking for a skilled GI doctor to help, reach out to the gastroenterological doctors at GI Alliance of Illinois.

Our GI providers will properly determine the cause and select a treatment that best fits your needs. Please do not hold off on scheduling a consultation, as dysphagia might give rise to a larger problem that needs prompt attention. If you require care for difficulty swallowing in Chicago, Hinsdale, Normal, and Peoria, IL, connect with one of our skilled GI specialists and allow them to assist you in getting the relief you deserve.

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