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Gas treatment in Illinois

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Gas in your digestive tract accounts for the odorless vapors present in your body. This includes carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, and in some cases, methane. The bacteria in your colon release the gases in your digestive tract. When it is released, this gas produces an unpleasant odor. To learn more about the specifics of gas, contact our GI specialists at GI Alliance of Illinois to request an appointment.

Gas happens as a result of multiple factors. A few of these causes include aerophagia, or when you swallow air. Swallowing air can easily happen when you eat or drink rapidly, and when you chew gum. Smoking or wearing loose dentures can also be a cause.

While belching is one way air leaves the stomach, any additional gas gets absorbed in the small intestine. A small amount travels through the large intestine and where it's released through the rectum.

Gas also happens when certain undigested foods are broken down by bacteria in the colon. These include sugars, starches, and fiber. This undigested food passes into the colon. Then, the natural bacteria in the body break down the food. This process causes carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and methane gases to develop. These gasses are released through the rectum.

The type of treatments available to you will depend on the extent of gas you're experiencing, your age, overall health, and medical history. A couple of ways to avoid gas are to make changes in your diet and to take over-the-counter medications.

When you’re experiencing gas you can try to move and walk around. You can also massage the painful spot, or try to exercise. To learn more about how our GI specialists can provide relief, request a consultation with us at GI Alliance of Illinois.

When you’re searching for relief from gas in Illinois, request a consultation with our team of GI specialists at GI Alliance of Illinois. We can provide quality treatment to help with your overall gut health to alleviate any discomfort.

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Very professional and personable.

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The staff was friendly and efficient. Amy S. was wonderful and caring and remembered details of my issues without digging through notes. She spent enough time with me to develop a plan of action that included my input. She is great!

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The staff is always welcoming & professional. PA Amy takes time to listen to my issues, ask questions and offer possible solutions. She orders appropriate diagnostic tests at a convenient location for me. They follow up with results.

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Dr.Arndt is an excellent physician who provides great care for his GI patients. His interpersonal skills and ability to explain causes and solutions for conditions in easy to understand terms are fantastic. Thank you for all your great care.

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Great doctor. Professional, attentive, and knowledgeable. Feel at ease under his care.

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