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SmartPill™ Test in Illinois

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A SmartPill™ is a tiny capsule that’s used to monitor your digestive tract. This includes monitoring pH, transit time, pressure, and temperature. The capsule is ingestible just like a pill. The main difference is that information from that capsule is transmitted to a data receiver that’s worn on a belt or lanyard. When our gastroenterologists in Chicago, IL, Peoria, IL, or Normal, IL, monitor pH, and pressure, it allows for evaluation of motility disorders like bloating, constipation, acid reflux, gastric emptying time, colonic transit time, whole gut transit time, pressure patterns, and gastroparesis. The SmartPill works to offer a complete transit profile of your GI tract. It can localize diseases to a certain part of the GI tract with just one test. If you’re dealing with GI problems, request an appointment with us at GI Alliance of Illinois.

Before the test, you will be asked to stop taking specific medications and to fast. Talk to our team of GI providers about the current medications you are taking so we can provide specific instructions before the test. Your visit to our Illinois office for this procedure will take around 30 minutes. Once you arrive, you’ll be provided a small meal called the Smart bar, which will be followed by ingesting the capsule with sips of water. After your appointment, you shouldn’t eat for around six hours (although this time may vary). Only taking small sips of water during this time is ideal. For more detailed instructions and information on this procedure, request a consultation with us at GI Alliance of Illinois. Once ingested, the pill should pass within a few days. Once the pill is passed, you’ll be asked to return the data recorder to the office.

Complications are uncommon, and the SmartPill test is regarded as a safe procedure. The largest risk is the possibility of the SmartPill lodging somewhere in the digestive tract. If you have a history of strictures in your GI tract, IBD (Crohn’s disease), or a pacemaker, you may be advised against this procedure. The SmartPill travels through your digestive system as normal. This shouldn’t cause our Illinois patients any discomfort or pain. Speak with our GI providers at GI Alliance of Illinois to request an appointment. We will go over any concerns you have and ease your worries.

Studying your GI tract to help diagnose disease is available with the SmartPill test. Our gastroenterologists in Illinois will use the information to evaluate the function of your gastrointestinal system. Any troubling symptoms you’re experiencing like nausea, bloating, acid reflux or constipation could benefit from a SmartPill test. Request an appointment at GI Alliance of Illinois for additional information about the SmartPill test, and to see if you are a good candidate.

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