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An argon laser is a device that uses argon gas to emit a stream of light with a wavelength absorbed specifically by pigments such as hemoglobin and melanin and passes without damage through other materials such as fluids. Argon laser therapy is used to help heal multiple gastrointestinal situations, a few of which are dysphagia, mucosal lesions, hemorrhages, and strictures. If you are in need of argon laser therapy in Chicago, IL, Peoria, IL, or Normal, IL, we can help. To learn more about this laser therapy, contact your nearest Illinois provider at GI Alliance of Illinois to request a consultation.

Laser therapies are often more precise compared to alternative procedures, ergo, the approach better targets the problematic or diseased tissue. Surgical cuts can, therefore, be made more superficially and result in less cumulative trauma to the tissue. Patients typically tend to experience a faster recovery following laser treatments than from traditional surgeries.

As found with any surgery, risks are present. However, due to the focused nature of laser therapy, it is typically thought to be less risky compared to alternate surgical procedures. Some of the associated risks can include pain, reaction to anesthesia, bleeding, and infection. Your safety is the primary concern of our gastrointestinal doctors at GI Alliance of Illinois. We are happy to discuss the ways we prioritize your safety while also providing you with the highest-quality treatment.

Your Illinois provider will provide you with individualized preparation directions that you should adhere to prior to argon laser therapy. You might be advised to stop the use of specific medications that can increase certain risks during the surgery. Plan for a recovery period and travel following your treatment, as you will remain slightly sedated. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions that you may have in reference to the argon laser treatment method during your consultation.

At GI Alliance of Illinois, we intend to give you the highest quality gastroenterological care possible to assist you and your loved ones in achieving better digestive health. Our team is happy to offer argon laser treatment to tackle an array of gastrointestinal concerns. To learn if argon therapy might be right for you, please contact your nearest Illinois location to request a consultation with a gastroenterology specialist.

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