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A luminal stent is placed by inserting a stent into the internal GI tract. The term "luminal" refers to an opening of a tubular organ, like the esophagus or intestine. A stent sits in the passageway of the digestive system and helps to open up a pathway of the GI tract to avoid the risk of it closing. It can also help reduce complications that are due to a blockage. This has become a popular method for treating blockage caused by growths or the narrowing of the GI tract. For more information about luminal stent placement, we urge you to contact your nearest Chicago GI Alliance of Illinois location to request a consultation.

Stent placement does have some risks associated with it, similar to other medical procedures. Some risks to the luminal stent placement procedure include bleeding, nausea, a dislodging of the stent, and a reaction to anesthesia. Any concerns you may have regarding the luminal stent placement procedure should be discussed with your provider prior to your procedure. For more information about how the luminal stent can benefit you, please contact GI Alliance of Illinois today.

Prior to your luminal stent placement, our team will go over specific instructions for preparing for your procedure, as well as what you can expect during and after your procedure. Some general requirements for the luminal stent placement procedure are:

  • Fasting for at least 24 hours
  • Discontinuation of some medications that may cause complications during surgery
  • Transportation following surgery as you will not be able to drive yourself

During the stent procedure, you will be sedated for your comfort. Using an endoscope, the GI specialist will examine the blockage, enlarge the narrow opening with a balloon, and carefully place the stent. For further information, please contact your local GI Alliance of Illinois provider in Chicago to discuss any questions you may have regarding the luminal stent placement procedure.

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Having an obstructed digestive tract keeps your body from working at its peak performance and is not something you have to live with. The luminal stent is performed to open up your digestive system and help ensure everything in your GI tract runs more smoothly. If you need help getting your digestive system back on track, contact the GI specialists at GI Alliance of Illinois today to request a consultation with a Chicago, IL, Peoria, IL, or Normal, IL, provider near you.

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