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Interventional Gastroenterology in Illinois

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What is Interventional Gastroenterology?

Interventional gastroenterology is a sub-specialty within gastroenterology that uses non-invasive, advanced techniques to identify conditions related to the digestive tract, pancreas, and bile ducts. The procedures used by an interventional gastroenterologist or endoscopist typically use a small tube and camera to identify and diagnose conditions quickly with faster recovery time and less pain as compared to traditional surgical approaches. In some cases, a GI Alliance of Illinois interventional specialist can not only diagnose an issue but remove the problem (GI-related cancerous polyp) without making any incisions during the procedure. Our advanced techniques speed recovery post-procedure and shorten the time to confirm care options.

What conditions can be identified with Interventional Gastroenterology?

GI Alliance of Illinois interventional gastroenterology physicians and staff diagnosis and treat numerous gastrointestinal conditions with minimally invasive procedures and techniques. Some of these conditions are:

Barrett’s Esophagus

Biliary Obstructions

Colon Cancer

Esophageal Cancer

Esophageal Stricture


Gallbladder Disease



Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic Cysts

Pancreatic Disease


Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis

Stomach Cancer

What procedures are included in Interventional Gastroenterology?

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Why you should choose an Interventional Gastroenterologist from GI Alliance of Illinois

Expert physicians and staff- Our interventional gastroenterologists are fellowship-trained to diagnose, and treat gastro conditions, specifically using interventional endoscopy techniques.

GI Alliance of Illinois interventional endoscopists collectively perform more complex, interventional endoscopic procedures on an annual basis than any other single practice in Illinois. Their experience means they continue to learn faster and identify new treatments quicker than other gastroenterologists in the area.

Leading edge technology- Due to the volume of procedures and the high level of positive patient outcomes, GI Alliance of Illinois is often asked to participate in procedure and new technology discussions. Our patients receive treatment recommendations based on the use of state-of-the-art technology and diagnostic tools.

Completeness in care options- GI Alliance is the leading gastroenterology practice in the US and this enables our patients to not only have access to the nation’s best physicians, staff, and technologies; our patients also have access to the learnings from the most comprehensive clinical trial set in gastroenterology. No other single practice can give access to more clinical trials or apply the learnings for treatments to patients than GI Alliance. Our patients are diagnosed faster, recover quicker, and have the positive care benefits gathered from the leading gastroenterologists in the nation.

Saw dr Godambe. She is always so wonderful& so was the staff

K.A. Google

It was very pleasant

B.W. Google

It was an absolute pleasure to meet Dr. Calandra. His patience and sweetness are beyond calming. He took his time to come again just to meet with me since I was not at my grandmother's bedside the first time. He listens to the patient, not just asking questions and, most importantly, finding a solution. I recommend his services.

B.W. Google

I am very pleased with the interactions with the staff and the doctor. Had a very good conversation with the doctor about my conditions and actions to take relating to medications and scheduling of future visit.

J.M. Google

Kind, responsive, knowledgeable, compassionate, and highly skilled at his job. Dr Gluskin is a great doctor. I would give him six stars but they only let me have five!

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